Washington State recognizes the negative impact of noxious weeds and has created laws to prevent and control infestations. County Weed Boards and local Weed Districts assist in the enforcement of these laws.


It is the policy of the BCNWCB to work closely with all public agencies, municipalities, and landowners to control their noxious weeds by whatever means they have at their disposal. The BCNWCB believes that the most effective spirit with which to approach weed control is one of cooperation. The spread of weeds causes economic losses for the entire community and creates a hardship on the producer. Stopping propagation and spread of noxious weeds is the goal of the BCNWCB. Reasonable alternatives will be pursued on a given case before enforcement proceedings are taken.

Course of Action

There are penalties for failing to control noxious weeds on your property. We will assist you in identifying noxious weeds and plans for their control or eradication.

For those who have a severe infestation, an approved, reasonable, continuous effort will be considered in compliance with our goals.

The Coordinator or staff may, in the pursuance of their duties, find it necessary to enter private property. The BCNWCB or duly authorized personnel has the authority to enter all property for the purposes of enforcing the weed laws of the State of Washington under RCW 17.10.160. Reasonable efforts will be made to gain the landowner’s permission and cooperation before doing so.

If the property owner does not take actions to control the noxious weeds in accordance with Chapter 17.10, Revised Code of Washington (RCW), the BCNWCB shall cause their being controlled at the expense of the landowner as per RCW 17.10.170. Charges for the regulatory work shall be incurred on the basis of a cost of application plus labor and material. The amount of such expense shall constitute a lien against the property after a hearing has been held on such expense and approved by the BCNWCB.


Noxious Weed Law


Revised Code of Washington

RCW 17.10, (Revised Code of Washington) is the state’s basic weed law.

Washington Administrative Code

The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) contains the rules and regulations needed to carry out the state law.

WAC Chapter 16-750 includes the state Noxious Weed List, definitions and descriptions of region boundaries for Class B weeds, and the schedule of monetary penalties.

WAC Chapter 16-752 describes the quarantine list maintained by the state Department of Agriculture. (The state law that calls for the creation and maintenance of the quarantine list is RCW 17.24.)

Plant Protection Act of 2000

Federally owned lands are also subject to the Plant Protection Act of 2000 (Pub. L. 106-224 Title IV Sec. 411-442), amended by the Noxious Weed Control and Eradication Act of 2004, and Executive Order 13112.