Ravenna Grass


Ravenna Grass in the Tri-Cities

Benton and Franklin County Noxious Weed Control Boards are asking for your assistance with a new Class A noxious weed that is in the Tri-City area. Ravenna Grass was added to the State Weed List January of 2015. Ravenna Grass is a very tall bunch grass that has been sold as an ornamental grass in local nurseries, and used in landscape settings throughout this area.

Class A weeds are mandated by law RCW 17.10 to be eradicated in the State of Washington. The State weed list is established annually by the Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board and distributed to all county weed boards. 

Class A weeds are none native plants that are highly invasive with limited distribution in the State. Class A weeds in general are high seed producers, and are difficult to control by conventional cultural methods. Ravenna grass is easily recognized by its reddish stems, white mid-vein and pale inflorescence, reaching a height of 6 to 12 feet. Ravenna grass out competes native plants and will invade outside of original planting areas, quickly spreading to neighboring property. 

Both Benton and Franklin County Weed Boards are surveying for this Class A weed and will be notifying property owners of findings. If you currently have Ravenna grass we are asking that you remove any seed heads by cutting, bagging and disposing of them in your refuse container and sending it to the land fill. Do not compost or discard in outlying areas. Seedlings will be abundant for several years after the original plants have been removed and will need to be controlled. Local nurseries can provide similar grass types that are not classified as noxious weeds. 

                If you have questions please call either the Benton County Weed Board at 509-943-6005 or Franklin County Weed Board at 509-545-3847.