The Benton County Noxious Weed Control Board (BCNWCB) shall promote weed control by personal contact with landowners and through appropriate public media. The BCNWCB has elected to emphasize an educational control program that will assist landowners in weed identification and proper control with emphasis placed on weeds on the control list. The BCNWCB will provide a trained field staff to assist the landowners. The field staff are regulatory inspectors and if needed will require control of weeds on the weed control list. The BCNWCB will promote weed control through public seminars, newsletters, displays, and regular board meetings. Landowners are responsible for controlling noxious weeds on their property and the spread to other areas.

To serve as responsible stewards of Benton County by aiding in the protection and preservation of the land, water, and resources from the degrading impacts of noxious weeds.



We provide landowners with information on how to identify and control noxious weeds on their property, and, if necessary, take action to assure compliance with laws and regulations. Services includes surveying Benton County for noxious weeds, working with landowners to ensure control, educating the public about noxious weeds, and filing civil infractions and fine landowners for failure to control noxious weeds.

Program Staff

The BCNWCB employs a Weed Control Coordinator and a field staff. The program staff work with the public to assist in implementation of Washington State noxious weed laws. 

Vic Reeve, Weed Control Coordinator

Konrad Kauer, Field Staff

The Board

Washington State recognizes the negative impact of noxious weeds and has created laws to prevent and control infestations. Local Noxious Weed Control Boards can help you identify, develop and implement control methods to eradicate and prevent the spread of noxious weeds.